Success lies in discovering the best self.

"Why is my child unable to concentrate in class?"

"Why is my child disobedient and indifferent to parenting?"

"Why is my child unable to draw when they learnt at the same time as their peers?"

"Why does my child have to listen to music while they are doing their homework?"

"Why does my child fidget when they are doing their homework?"

"Why does my child have no friends in school?"

"Why does my child not like to exercise?"

Do you wish to understand and get to know your children?

Every child is a genius. Change a child's life by understanding their multiple intelligences.

The renowned scientist Einstein has said: "Every child is born a genius, but in their pursuit of knowledge, the wrong type of education will kill their genius.

How can Dermatoglyphics Testing help parents?


  1. Understand how the brain works in order to help the child overcome any learning disabilities.

  2. Understand the child’s natural gifts and provide appropriate nurturing; modify teaching techniques to suit the child’s needs.

  3. Provide different learning environments based on the child’s personality, inter and way of thinking.

  4. Use as a guideline for parenting techniques and to determine which of the child’s strengths to foster and which of the child’s weaknesses to improve on.

  5. Get a head start in understanding the child’s strengths in order to ease future choice of academic and professional fields. Form a clearer life plan.